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Foods and Moods

I will start this post saying that as of last week, I gained 1.6 lbs.

I have a suspicion that the added weight came from Sunday, the 16th.  My church celebrated its 160th anniversary.  It was a great day with testimonies and reflections from four former pastors, memories and old friends.  Did I mention the food?  Well there was a lot of food.  United Methodists know how to put together a pot-luck.  This was no exception.

I have realized that food is attached to a lot of things in my life.  Moods. Events. Friends.  I guess I have always known this on some level.  But these past three weeks I’ve been making the effort to really be aware of this connection when I am in the moment.  Recently, I have caught myself and been able to control the subconscious process of mindless eating.  For example, this past Friday I went to a local minor league baseball game.  I ate before I left the house.  I did not purchase food at the game.  It felt like a small victory!  I used to almost automatically purchase junk food at the games.

But back on the 16th, I let my subconscious take over and I got caught up in the socialization and visiting and just filled my plate with things I wanted…not the food my body needed.  These were foods that I think I must associate with feeling happy.  But, looking back, a lot of what I chose would be choices I might make if I am sad.

Regardless, I let my feelings dictate what I ate that day like I have so many times in the past.  It’s like I am in a trance.  Even though I know I am making poor choices, if I am in an environment where most people are eating whatever…I do, too.  It’s like a big green light! This was a slight set-back but I am not focusing on this one day.

A really good friend of mine is following this blog and she’s super supportive. She is on her own health & fitness journey and we have decided to be accountability partners.  When she read my first post, she said she was glad I am on this path but perhaps I am being too hard on myself.

Perhaps she is right. Therefore, I have decided to forgive my behavior on the 16th and move forward.  I choose to see every day as another chance to do the right things.  I am not wasting days fretting over one meal choice that could have been better or one morning I hit the snooze a couple extra times and didn’t leave time to work-out.  And I’ll be back on track next week with another weigh-in.

Speaking weighing in, I just bought this scale a couple years ago.  I am trying to make-nice with it and see it as the valuable tool it is.  Prior to buying the scale, I figured I would just let my jean size determine if I am making progress or not.  But the more I read and study how so many others have been successful with similar journeys, I have noticed a common factor… goal setting.

I feel the best goal to set on a journey such as mine is pounds lost.  It’s easy to track and see progress – two key points in goal setting. How do you know when you arrive at a goal if you don’t know where you started? Additionally, since I am not too far into this, I will be tracking inches lost, too.

Until next week… Thanks for following and God bless J