58 weeks to FABULOUS!

Today is my first weigh-in.  My beginning weight is 174.2 In my last post I mentioned that I should be roughly 70-80 lbs. lighter.  That is an intimidating number.  However, I have given myself until my 50th birthday to lose the weight.  My birthday is October 26th.  I have about 58 weeks to achieve this goal.  If I aim for a loss of 75 lbs., that works out to 1.3 lbs. a week.  That’s manageable, right?  Sure, it is.

My employer offers a reduction in insurance premiums if we agree to have some annual blood work done.  For the past few years, those numbers haven’t been looking great for me.  It’s time to have that blood work done again.  They will provide a sub-goal for me.  Next September, I’ll be able to do a comparison and hopefully they will have returned to the normal range.

My initial first step is to eliminate obvious food offenders.  The first to go….harmful carbs.  I am a firm believer that God provides the variety of foods he does because they are good for us in their unprocessed forms.  So, I am not planning to cut whole grains.  However, I will cut back the amount.  I am a vegetarian and find myself filling up on carbs sometimes.  This decision to cut back harmful carbs provides the opportunity to try new vegetarian recipes.  I’ll share them here on my blog.

I’m also going to take a good look at my eating habits. That is the topic for next week.  Until then, get healthy and take others with you.


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