What was on my mind when I first decided to blog?

Initially I wanted a place to ramble about random things that annoy me.  You know, just to get things off my chest? That is why my first post was driven by how annoyed I get when people move around in traffic, especially rush hour traffic, without signaling.  It’s rude and dangerous.  It still makes me nuts.  Anyway, now I want my blog to be more than complaining.  Admittedly, I am in the process of drafting a post about another of my irritants.  I’ll post that in a day or so.  I’m still gathering ammunition a.k.a. stats. 

Back to my current blog plan…I want it to be a place where I can also post about things not so negative.  For example, I sometimes have crazy dreams.  I am fascinated with all things related to the mind!  Maybe we can talk about current events?  Maybe someone commenting on my blog will have a great topic idea for discussion?  I have many interests such as superheros (Iron Man rocks!), reading, lighthouses, I’m passionate about the fact that we never stop learning…just to name a few.  So i guess my blog posts could end up being all over the board!  Who knows, I might even try my hand at some photo posts.

Regardless of the post topics, I want the writing practice.  You see, my career goal, no, my destiny, is to be a writer.  My career goal is to be a B2B copywriter.  That means I have to hone my craft.  And all writing practice builds skill and confidence.  So here I am.  Blogging.  For real.  Not just saying…someday (which I heard in a movie once means “never”). 




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