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2014 – The year of “RE”

2014 is the year of RE…RE-establishing relationships, RE-organization, and the RE-invention of me. 

I don’t like to use the word resolution.  I speculate that it’s because of my many failed attempts at resolutions in the past.  I think these failed attempts have forever changed the definition of the word resolution for me.  Someone says “resolution”, I hear “failure”.  However, when I add “re” to a word, it’s an automatic new beginning…a do-over!

The first of many “re” efforts occurs this weekend. I am having lunch with a friend I met in 1980, lost touch with in 1994, connected with last year and then lost touch with again.  This year will be different. 

Speaking of different…I am interested to know, what does 2014 represent for you?


Goodbye my friend

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been super focused on completing my college degree. Well, that’s done. Mission accomplished. Now, back to the blog.

This weekend I said goodbye to a good friend of mine that lost her battle with cancer. Karen was an amazing woman, Christian, mom/wife and church leader. She will be missed. Death is so much harder on those left behind. Our comfort is found in knowing that, in heaven, Karen has a new body. She is free!!